Two new fonts!

15 Sep 2007
Hello World!

I'm here today to present you my two lasts fonts, CuttyFruty and Ellianarelle's Path.

Ellianarelle's Path is my last creation, this font was made all on my computer, I had so much fun doing it >

It's my most clear font. I never used my other fonts to homework or other things I had to give to someone, because they were a little difficult to read...
Ellie's Path is different: I made it with my wacom tablet, so, I could redo all characters every time I wanted to do that, without using my old scanner.

I hope you to enjoy ^^

CuttyFruty is the last font I'll do on paper. Now I worked with a tablet, I wouldn't be able to scan each paper sheet one by one on this old scanner which scan in green and take ten minutes to make its job...

It is much natural than the other ones. I can say that CuttyFruty is the font which took me the more time...

I hope you'll like it,
Your webmastress,
Jellyka Nerevan


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