Terms of use

The fonts I made are free for a personal use only. So, if you want to do anything commercial (things that will be sold, enterprise logos, etc.) you only have to make a donation to my paypal account. You can do it by clicking the button, and you don't need a paypal account to donate, you can do it with your credit card or your bank account.
If you have a paypal account and you want to do the tranfert all by yourself, you just have to send your donation to my account, which is jellyka@gmail.com.
Please note that you must do one donation per font you want to use.

My Fonts

Jellyka King's Hat

DownloadJellyka King\'s HatMore details

Jellyka Delicious Cake

DownloadJellyka Delicious CakeMore details

Jellyka Lucky Day

DownloadJellyka Lucky DayMore details

Jellyka Vampire Street

DownloadJellyka Vampire StreetMore details

Jellyka Western Princess

DownloadJellyka Western PrincessMore details

Jellyka Wonderland Wine

DownloadJellyka Wonderland WineMore details

Jellyka CuttyCupcakes

DownloadJellyka CuttyCupcakesMore details

Bees Antique Handwriting

DownloadBees Antique HandwritingMore details

le Grand Saut

Downloadle Grand SautMore details

Gare de Chambord

DownloadGare de ChambordMore details

Waterways Seafarers

DownloadWaterways SeafarersMore details

Love and Passion

DownloadLove and PassionMore details

Saint-Andrew's Queen

DownloadSaint-Andrew\'s QueenMore details

Jellyka - Evan & Estrya

DownloadJellyka - Evan & EstryaMore details


DownloadNathanielMore details

Jellyka, Endless Voyage

DownloadJellyka, Endless VoyageMore details

Estrya's Handwriting

DownloadEstrya\'s HandwritingMore details

Jellyka Castle's Queen

DownloadJellyka Castle\'s QueenMore details

Ellianarelle's Path

DownloadEllianarelle\'s PathMore details


DownloadCuttyFrutyMore details


DownloadJeyMore details

Jellyka Jellyfish

DownloadJellyka JellyfishMore details


Q. How do I install a font ?
A. Basically, by putting them in your WINDOWS\fonts folder. But there's a better explanation here.

Q. What is a suitable donation to use one of your fonts ?
A. You decide how much you think it's worth, depending on your own criterias.

Q. Some of your fonts have people's name in them. Is it because it's that person's handwriting?
A. No. Those are names of fictionnal characters in a story I used to write.

Q. Would you make me a font?
A. No. Font making takes time. I'm barely able to find time enough to make fonts for myself, I'm not going to accept such propositions, I'm sorry!

Q. Will there be a proof that I paid you ?
A. Paypal will send an email receipt to both of us once the payment is done, this acts as a proof of payment.