About me...

My name is Jessica, but I'm mostly known here on the internet as Jellyka Nerevan. I'm 26 years old and I live in Quebec, Canada. I usually speak French, but as years passed you guys made me learn English pretty well!

Cuttyfruty has existed for a long time now, I guess. It showed its face for the first time on a free hosting service around 2004, when I was about 13 years old.
I must admit that I never followed any class about web designing or web programming. So back then, I was doing everything with frontpage, I didn’t even know there was some kind of coding behind a website. in fact, cuttyfruty was first created not quite differently you would create a word document.

Time made me learn HTML; even more time made me learn how to use photoshop, and following a tutorial, along with time, made me learn php.

I started using photoshop about the same time cuttyfruty was born. I didn’t have any reason to start using it, it was just for fun. I could stay hours on the computer, testing different options, trying to understand them, and sometimes, successfully making something I’d like. And those things, I would put them on my website.

I did my first font in 2005. There was no real reason for that either: I love fonts, the look of something could be totally transformed regarding of the font you use. So I wanted to do one.
And then I started doing some more, and now it’s the principal subject of cuttyfruty.

And now? I’m studying in computing, I’m learning programming, and for once I’m doing it at school! Many were surprised I wasn’t going to study art, graphic designing or something like that, but when doing a website, the fun part for me is the coding part, more than the designing. I like having a final result looking great, but coding the whole system seems way more entertaining and challenging to me.

Do not hesitate to email me if you have any more questions !
Jellyka Nerevan

Some random facts:

  • I learnt html alone, but I learnt php following the tutorial on the siteduzero.
  • I think that it would be correct to say that eating cupcakes and cookies is my favourite activity.
  • I participated in a HTML contest organized by the UQAC, nearest university from where I live, in 2007. It’s called the cyberomnium, and I won the high-school category.
  • One year later, that same contest had a php category. And I won, but this time against people from college. And I also got the grand prize. (and I was still in high school . And if you ask, yes, it made me kind of proud.)
  • Because of that, I got a medal from alcan. It's huge, really. And in aluminum. Aluminum rocks.
  • I procrastinate. A lot. Actually took me 3 years to finish my new website design, due to procrastination.
  • In 2009, since CuttyFruty started bringing in some money with the fonts, I entered the Québec Entrepreneurship contest and I got into my region's finalists.
  • Worst part of font making, in my opinion, is finding a name for the font. Sometimes I have a finished font wating on my computer for months before I publish it, because I'm not able to find it a name.
  • I love to wear striped socks and thighs. That's why the website is currently looking like that.
  • There was a newspaper article done about me, after the entrepreneurship contest. (they made a mistake in my name, though. But I'm forgiving them since my picture was on right side of the front page.)